Increase your Internet Speed  

Internet, playing very important role in our life.  Almost all the users around the world are using the internet. It helps us to remain updated and to acquire knowledge. With the help of internet only, we can communicate all over the world in short span of time.  

All the users using the internet wants good internet speed, as slow internet speed can cause problems in the communication and other problems too.  

Internet speed depends on the Router and other factors too.  

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This article is for the users who are facing low-speed internet. This article will share some points that will help in increasing the speed of the internet.  


Check hardware and service 

  •     When you encounter the low-speed internet, check the hardware of the computer and the services of the internet.  
  •     When this problem occurs, check the speed of the internet. There are various tools available online for the same.    A user can check the internet speed by typing the speed test on the search bar of the browser. 
  •     After the checking, the speed of the internet, recheck the service of the internet you are paying for. If the low-speed internet problem is occurring for a long time, contact to the service provider of the internet. 
  •     If the problem is for a short period of time, reset the modem. If resetting the modem doesn’t work, turn OFF the router. Wait for sometime and turn it ON again. 
  •     Sometimes, resetting the router also solves the problem. 
  •     Another reason behind this low-speed internet is the channel of the Wifi signal. If there are the various signal present on the same channel, it will definitely slow down the speed of the internet. 
  •     Check for the various channels and change the channel of the Wifi when a router can receive the clear signal. 
  •     When above points don't seem useful, relocate the router. Place the router at the good distance from the devices like the TV remote control, Oven, Cordless phone, AC remote control, etc. 
  •     Try to keep the router at the center of the house to extend the range. 
  •      For security purpose, always keep the password of the Wifi. 


Clean browser and operating system- 

  •     The other option for solving the above issue is to clear the browser and operating system. 
  •     With the help of the antivirus programs, remove all the virus available on the computer. 
  •     After removing the virus, remove the saved cache from the computer. Saved Cache is one of the major reasons behind the slow speed internet. 
  •     A user should always work with the updated version of the browser. Update the browser on which you are working. 
  •     If the above points don't work out for your problem, contact the service provider of the internet. 
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